Lyrics: "We the Resilient"

© 2017 by Andersen Silva

We the resilient
     Have been here before,
Sometimes we whisper,
     But sometimes we roar.

We're tired of the injustice,
     We're sick of the lies.
Divided we fall;
     United we rise.

     Of the people,
By the people,
     For the people.

It's time to acknowledge
     We're part of the same nation.
No one person will sink us,
     No one's our salvation.

Your skin tone, gender, politics,
     Sexual orientation,
Age, religion, health shouldn't lead
     To discrimination.


The rights to life, liberty,
     Pursuing happiness,
Are guaranteed to all of us;
     This nation's success.

Those who'd misdirect us
     And who want us divided,
Know the times they are a-changin';
     In vain they will fight it.