Lyrics: "We Go On"

© 2005 by Andersen Silva

You and I, my baby,
     We should have better than this...
I'd change it all if I could,
     And offer you more than this kiss.

I'd take away your warm tears,
     And take mine away, too,
But that power I have not,
     And so I say to you...

Oh, my love, through the sorrow,
     I see joy some new tomorrow...
We go on.

Sometimes cruel and sometimes kind,
     Like love and justice, fate is blind...
We go on.

Better days shall come, love;
     I'm promising you.
We'll smile and laugh again,
     This sad time we'll get through.

But for now, just take my hand
     And take my strength, if you can.
Life is what happens
     While you're making other plans...


You and I, my baby,
     Will be happy again one day.
Please know that I love you
     Even when skies are grey...