Lyrics: "They Might Be Roses"

© 2016 by Andersen Silva

The girl who made me wait, and then never came back,
     The boy who'd do it all for you, but didn't do jack.
The blind date that ended up so tragically wrong,
     The romance that you swore would make the perfect love song.

The left-hand turn that led me to a head-on collision,
     The time under the knife, that doctor's incision.
Betrayals and abandonments, cruel twists of fate,
     Maybe they were just methods of making us wait.

Who knows? They might be roses,
     Lovely in their own way.
Try lifting them to your noses,
     While keeping sharp thorns at bay.

The train you missed, the traffic jam that made you late,
     It could just be the universe cleaning your slate.
A bit of deviation from what you expect,
     Could change your life so much, the butterfly effect.


Sometimes what hurts right now is really all for the best.
     Perhaps the heartbreak and the loss is part of the test.
You can't possibly know what still lies in store,
     By dealing with this now you may end up with so much more.

You might end up bloodied when picking a rose,
     You may discover that your friends have become your foes.
Petals fall, flowers die, but those thorns remain;
     New blooms will follow, so rejoice in the rain.