Lyrics: "The Tunnel"

© 2000 by Andersen Silva

We were almost to the midway point
     When we heard the first blast.
It was the first time I'd felt the Lincoln Tunnel shake
     And I knew that it would be the last!

Terror in the tunnel,
     Fire in the hole,
Smoke on the water,
     As we add to the death toll...

Faces all around me, pale,
     Full of panic, full of fear,
Chances are but a slim few
     Will ever make it out of here...

The frigid, greedy Hudson rushed
     alongside our bus-tomb.
No mistaking eyes of death;
     These people knew their doom.


Driver dead, a Volvo smashed
     Our windshield into ice.
Screams resound inside the bus,
     Caught in the Reaper's vise!

The shock of cold overtakes
     Even me, although I know
This blow against the Empire helps
     My comrades' cause, and so

I give my life in service,
     I sneer at sobbing men.
They die, they don't even know why;
     As for me, I'd die again.