Lyrics: "The One"

© 1992 by Andersen Silva

I saw her again last night,
     Wouldn't acknowledge me.
You know it just ain't right,
     Treating me so callously.

We once were the closest of friends,
     But that just got blown away.
Is this how friendship end?
     Count the tears I've cried today...

She could've been the one,
     I think it's a sin.
She would've been the one,
     But she chose him.

I saw her again, yesterday;
     Hugged me, and said, "We're still friends."
I didn't know what I should say;
     He and she, trying to make amends.

Tricked me, they made me believe,
     Made me think we could just start again.
How could she just stand up and leave?
     How could I sit back and let it happen?

I saw her again last night,
     Sadly smiled, and turned from me.
Then I awoke, just past midnight.
     She'll haunt me through eternity...