Lyrics: "The Bite"

© 2014 by Andersen Silva

Used to know a girl (OK, I loved her),
     Made life meaningful... for a while.
But I guess I should have run for cover!
     Didn't know what lurked behind that smile.

Thought she really cared, I thought she loved me!
     But I found out that she didn't know how.
She played me, used me, made a fool of me!
     The bite she took of me, it still bleeds now...!

She broke my heart,
     Shattered my soul,
Don't know how to start
     Climbing out of this hole.

Bit down into bone,
     Sank her teeth in me.
Her heart was just a stone,
     Finally, I see...

The wound she left inside my heart is raw still,
     Left me dazed, confused, alone with my pain.
That woman is a beast, just out for the kill!
     Once she bites, you'll see that it was in vain...

Love her, if you must, but beware the bite
     That will surely follow the embrace!
Bandage yourself up, and try with your might
     Not to see the fiend behind the pretty face...!


Used to know a girl, what was I thinking?!?
     She made my life hell... for a while.
Watch out for the bite, or you'll be drinking
     Her off of your mind; that woman's vile.