Lyrics: "Source of Pain"

© 2000 by Andersen Silva

Everyone smiles and tells me to cheer up,
     None understands I'm standing in the rain.
A phrase or a song, a place where we once supped;
     Everything now is just a source of pain.

Why should I cry when I think of her?
     Our love, though star-crossed, was a sweet, pure thing.
But fate's cheated me, and now it's all over,
     Memories swamp me; I'm falling!

The pain isn't physical,
     The damage not visible;
But deep inside, I've been slain!
     It's all a source of pain...

Easy to say, "I guess she wasn't the one,"
     Easy for you to tell me to move on.
So tell me where can I hide, where can I run?
     The truth in my heart is not so easy to con.


Memories sweet, I'm so glad that I met her;
     Nothing at all could ever make me forget her.
But memory's bittersweet, it's all in the past.
     Should be with her now, but the cursed die's cast...

She touched me so deeply, in so short a time.
     We loved each other though it was insane.
And now I pay the price; forever I'm
     Reminded of what can't be. Damn this pain!

Everything now is just a source of pain...

This morning's unfulfilled dream is a source of pain...

I'm afraid life itself's a source of pain...