Lyrics: "So Much Further"

© 2013 by Andersen Silva

I still catch myself saying "we" instead of "I,"
     I still catch myself about to smile, but then I sigh.
Sometimes I wake up forgetting that I'm all alone,
     Sometimes all I can do is wish that I heard your ringtone.

I look for your car although I know it won't be there,
     I miss holding you close, and running fingers through your hair.
I miss the special way you made me feel with just a kiss,
     I look so perplexed trying to make some sense of this.

I rose higher than I'd ever been before,
     And then I fell, oh, so much further...

Remember when we lost track of time in Central Park?
     Remember the beach at night, kissing in the dark?
The future we dreamed up is now locked up in the past.
     Was I really so wrong to think this love would last?

All I wanted was to make you happy,
     Seems the goalposts got moved back further...

I don't know if we will end up back together,
     I do know there were other storms we both weathered.
You turned my life upside-down, then turned it back once more.
     You brought me so much happy, then walked out the door.

Suddenly, you seemed to me so far away,
     And then you moved, oh, so much further...