Lyrics: "She"

© 2020 by Andersen Silva

She enflames my body, but she calms my soul!
     Her love she gave, my heart she stole.
The years went by, and life intervened,
     So many nights, of her I dreamed.

Thought we were forever, right from the start!
     Not a thing whatsoever would keep us apart!

She brings me joy,
     Happy once more,
Always the one,
     I'm longing for... I long for her!

Eventually realized, like in the song,
     It was just that the time was wrong.
We parted ways, more years went by.
     Would we meet again, she and I?

We kissed as though nothing could fall;
     And now I know, for her I'd give it all!


And now time has told, together anew!
     Our love has held up after all we've been through.
She still takes my breath away;
     Gladly gaze into her green eyes 'til my dying day!

Passion and romance, even more now than then,
     On clouds I will dance, inspired again!