Poem: "The Loss of Serenity"

© 2009 by Andersen Silva

He lay back one last time,
     Quietly dying.
Choked out, "Can't you see I'm
     Desperately trying,

To see that distant light,
     The one to walk into,
Where, if you lived right,
     Your loved ones await you."

I looked at his eyes,
     And behind the pain there,
Saw with no surprise
     That my friend did not dare

To face this final trip
     With the poise he once showed.
His fingers lost their grip,
     As the bleeding, it slowed.

"Remember," I said,
     "That time with the bar girls?"
He laughed, shook his head,
     And whispered, "Those blonde curls

Would have gotten us killed-"
     And then he stopped, dead.
It was five years ago,
     Can't get it out of my head.