Lyrics: "SeptSomber"

© 2014 by Andersen Silva

The summer's almost gone,
     Autumn's on the way.
I just don't know what to do;
     I just don't know what to say.

In the air, a chill,
     In my heart, the same.
Sighing with the wind,
     Sighing out your name...

September, I'll always remember,
     Spending somber days alone.

These days I used to love,
     Watching leaves fall from the trees.
Now I miss your company,
     Sharing warmth in the cool breeze.

Thought my life was tied to yours,
     Thawed my cold blue eyes.
Then you went away,
     A lonely mourning dove cries...


You've forever changed me,
     Changed the way I see the world.
I miss walking through
     That world together, pretty girl.

"Get over it," they say;
     No one tells me how.
Through these shorter, colder days,
     I mourn, I wander, and I vow...