Lyrics: "Second Shot"

© 2003 by Andersen Silva

I lost you and cried,
     My spirit nearly died!
You went on with your life;
     For my part, I tried

To get through each day,
     Come what may.
If I could see you again,
     Here is what I would say...

"I want a second shot with you,
     I think that you want it, too.
Please come back to me, my love!
     'Cos you're all that I can think of..."

Of you I still dreamed;
     Sometimes the tears streamed.
You were deep in my heart
     Forever, it seemed.

Our love had been true,
     Though our moments too few.
If I could see you again,
     This is what I'd tell you...

"I want a second shot with you,
     You make the whole world seem brand new.
Come make me a happy man,
     'Cos, baby, you're the only one who can."

Got a message from you,
     Too good to be true!
We talked and we talked,
     The fat we did chew.

Then we got together,
     Like we'd parted never.
I poured out two shots,
     Gave you my heart forever!

I got a second shot with you!
     I guess somehow I always knew,
That our souls were too intertwined,
     And that the Fates had plans designed

To bring you back to me someday.
     And so, on my knees I'd like to say,
This second shot is nectar from the gods,
     I got you back, despite the odds...