Lyrics: "Rockhopper"

© 2007 by Andersen Silva

Waddle, waddle, waddle, waddle,
     Swim, swim, swim!
Hop, hop, hop,
     Then dive right in!

Yeah, I'm a blond,
     From the Southern Hemisphere.
You still don't get it, do ya?
     There's no polar bears here.

I'm hungry and I'm cold,
     Want some squid, want some krill.
When my mate takes the egg shift,
     Gonna eat my fill.

Rockhopper, a penguin,
     I can't fly, but I sure can swim.
Not from Russia, not the North Pole,
     But the climate change is looking grim.

I hop from one rock to another,
     Look over miles of white.
Our colony is smaller
     Than it was the other night.

There's an orca out at sea
     Who really wants to eat me.
But I think he's gonna see
     Catching me's not easy!


She's keeping our egg warm now
     And it's my turn to go eat.
I'm feeling kinda scrawny,
     Hopping light on my feet.

It's getting warmer here each year,
     Think we'll go further south.
Times are tough, don't want to go on
     Living flipper to mouth.