Poem: "PreacherPoem (revised)"

© 1992 by Andersen Silva

My heart is in fragments, I can't stand the pain.
     Each morning I wake up, the feeling's the same.
Sometimes it's so bad that a crystalline tear,
     In one cold blue eye, will slowly appear.

Clear liquid nothingness cannot describe
     The rage and the sorrow that burn me inside.
The love that I feel is never returned.
     For peace, and for trust, and for love have I yearned.

I hide my emotion behind a quick smile.
     But sometimes, it takes just a little more guile
To keep from exposing sharp edges inside
     Of my heart, and my soul; all your pity's denied.

If I could just change the way that you view
     Your brothers and sisters, regardless of hue;
In spite of your cultures, religions, and sex,
     How healing would be the global effects.

Preacher of love, brotherhood, and respect,
     Hatred and apathy leave my spirit wrecked.
I set an example, I loathe not one man;
     I give of myself, and open my hand.

Ironic it is that a man full of love
     Cannot find a soul mate, nor is capable of
Saving his own race, when either of these
     Accomplished would finally put him at ease.

Long have I realized that I may not be
     Happy or at peace, for eternity.
But I persevere, and smirk painfully
     At the comfortable existence the Fates dealt to me.