Poem: "PreacherPoem"

© 1991 by Andersen Silva

And so here I am, the world's greatest liar,
     Smiling and laughing while my soul is on fire.
Preacher of love, brotherhood, and respect,
     Man's hate and apathy leave my spirit wrecked.

And what is ironic, what makes my heart burn,
     Is this man who loves all gets no love in return.
Hot love or cold death; which will I taste first?
     For all of my life, it seems, I am cursed.

But you, my dear Autumn, are one of a few,
     Who show empathy and affection that's true.
For this you can have all you want from me,
     My friend for life it's convenient to be.
Give me a call if you need to talk;
     I'm always willing to go for a walk.
And so I end this, my bittersweet ode,
     And continue my travels down Loneliness Road.