© 1995 by Andersen Silva

Wake the fuck up, people! It's a new day, and time for a change!

Stop reading the New York Times or the Chicago Tribune; support your smaller local paper instead.

Stop buying the products they tell you to buy, like Crest and Colgate; get Tom's of Maine (hey, no saccharine here, baby!).

Stop supporting huge moneymakers like TLC, Smashing Pumpkins, and Tom Petty; buy independent CDs and cassettes from bands the major labels haven't even heard of.

Stop watching the shows they tell you to watch, like "Melrose Place," "ER," and "America's Most Wanted"; check out the underrated shows instead (no hints from me).

Stop letting the left correct everything politically (this thing should really be called a 'manifesto,' shouldn't it?), and stop letting the right ban the freedom to express yourself through print, sound recordings, TV and movies, the Internet, or what have you. Either extreme will leave you afraid to say anything.

Stop voting for Republicans and Democrats; they've had decades to try and fix things, and what do we have to show for it? Vote for independents and small-party candidates, and remind the politicians that they work for US.

Stop being a SHEEP, damn it!!! Don't let anyone, especially me, tell you what to do. It's about time you figured out that you CAN do something about the hole you're in, and don't bother denying that you're in a hole. This whole society's in a hole. And it's only going to get worse, unless...

Why am I bothering? As if you really care, selfish bastards.