Lyrics: "Occasionally Tormented Soul"

© 2009 by Andersen Silva

They say home is where the heart is,
     Guess I'm moving into my rib cage.
It's a source of irritation,
     That, despite my frustration,
     I can't seem to feel rage!

I used to be an angry young man,
     But time has been much too kind.
I try to get all riled up,
     Tell all of you to shut up,
     Only to find

I'm an occasionally tormented soul.
     Some say that I have a head like a hole.
Others say I try too hard to be glum;
     Should thrash this guitar, but instead, I strum.

I decided to end it all,
     Wouldn't live for no one.
When I made my last stop,
     The man at the pawn shop,
     Wouldn't sell me no gun!

I'm an occasionally tormented soul.
     I feel torn in half; they tell me I'm whole.
What can I give, what can I lose?
     When do I earn my own right to the blues?

Love's so far away from me,
     Feels like I'm in dire straits.
Is it just me,
     Or is it hard to be
     With someone who hates?

Maybe it's time that I accept
     I'm not that tormented at all.
Guess I'd still rather live
     Than the alternative;
     One less brick in the wall...

I'm an occasionally tormented soul.
     I have to admit that it is a fun role.
The lonely despair and the angry outrage
     Both play quite well on this angst-ridden stage.