Lyrics: "Not An Exit"

© 2006 by Andersen Silva

Too late now, I can't turn back,
     This is not an exit!
No way out, except for-
     Not if I can help it.

I was a star, my guitar took me far,
     But I lost myself in the fame.
Tried a little smack, and I never once looked back,
     Buried myself in the game,
     You probably don't remember my name,
     In a coma now, each day's the same, a shame,
I only had myself to blame.

Such a fool, I did not see,
     This is not an exit!
Can't escape, unless I-
     Won't you help me fix it?

Boy of seventeen, full of hopes, full of dreams,
     Full of love for my sweetheart.
Found to my despair the universe just isn't fair,
     The accident just tore her apart,
     From this world my girl did depart,
     I pointed the blade straight at my heart, dead heart,
Nurses sadly reading my chart.

Oh, please, no, just let me out!
     I thought this was an exit!
A second chance is all I want,
     Don't let me be the one who wrecks it.

Forty-three, I see, nothing really, but TV,
     My shows get me through each day somehow.
Glass of red and CBS help me forget today's mess,
     Don't care who is president now,
     Reality shows make me say, "Wow,"
     I wonder how much sex they'll allow, I vow,
Never will I furrow my brow.

Now my life is all behind me,
     It was not an exit!
The only way out now is- DEATH!
     Not ready for my respite...