Lyrics: "Look at the Stars with Me"

© 2003 by Andersen Silva

Look at the stars with me;
     Make a wish on that first one.
Gazing upwards, you won't see
     Happy tears in my eyes, hon.

You've changed my whole life around!
     The dark cloud above me is gone.
Joy I once lost has been found,
     And your sweet love helps me go on.

I want to give you the sun and the moon,
     I want to offer you more than this tune.
Your love has kindled a flame deep inside;
     My feelings for you I just cannot hide.

Days together in the sunlight,
     Your beauty like that of a rose.
Cuddling close to you at night
     And gazing at you as you doze.

Do you see warrior Mars?
     He stares sternly down at the world.
Accompanied by all the stars,
     He watches this boy and this girl

Who are watching him back in the night sky.
     At this moment, I wish I could fly.
I need to be in your sweet presence, dear;
     My heart will ache until you are near.

Look at the stars, my love;
     I wish you were with me tonight.
I stare at the heavens above
     And picture you in the moonlight.

Wherever you are, sweetheart,
     Look at the stars with me.
Even when we are apart,
     We're together in infinity...