Lyrics: "Lonely Blue Dreams"

© 1992 by Andersen Silva

You left me here with these lonely blue dreams,
     But my life's not really as empty as it seems.
These tears I'm crying
Are satisfying.
     They're tears of joy, at least in my dreams.

I begged you not to go, but you drove on by.
     The months flew past, and I'm still asking, "Why?"
But every night
I forget my plight,
     And we are together again, you and I.

My trembling hands ache;
     We lock in embrace.
But then I awake,
     Tears flooding my face.

I'm doing fine now; I'm over you,
     Until I hear your name. If only you knew!
Some day I'll forget
That I ever met
     The woman in my lonely dreams of blue.