Lyrics: "Let Me"

© 2011 by Andersen Silva

I have lied to, lied to you,
     Let me say I'm sorry for that.
I have knocked you off kilter,
     Like the rakish angle of your hat.

I want another chance, oh, honey;
     Please don't say the point is moot.
Let me show you that I love you,
     Give you my love, and the world, to boot.

Let me show you I'm not hateful.
     Let me show I truly care.
Let me bare my wretched soul.
     Oh, please, please, let me be there.

I have acted recklessly, dear;
     Let me be a friend of yours,
To remind you what is real,
     To prop open closing doors.

Cannot see rainbow connections,
     Not right now, 'cos I'm a creep.
Let me back in your defenses,
     Let me watch you as you sleep.


Never meant to cause so much pain.
     Never wanted to betray you.
Let me try to win your trust back.
     Can you save me, or am I through?