Lyrics: "Joey Ramone's Dead"

© 2001 by Andersen Silva

I read the news today, oh boy...

Sittin' at the laptop, hair in fresh new spikes,
     Catchin' up on news, when I gasped and said, "Yikes!"
Say it isn't so, tell me that he isn't gone!
     Weeks later, I still can't believe what I lay my eyes upon.

Where can all the pinheads go, who's the new ringmaster?
     Gimme gimme shock treatment; oh, man, what a disaster!
When she wouldn't date me, I let their tunes sedate me.
     Go ahead, berate me; but it seems to me just lately...

Life's not fair, and Joey Ramone's dead!
     D'ya like my hair? I still have a full head.
You don't care, didn't even hear what I said,
     What a nightmare, I should've stayed in bed.

Punk, it was my refuge, and I guess that it still is,
     But an era is now over, an era that was his.
Time to face reality, and let the past die;
     I'm sure I'm not the only one who wonders, "Why, oh why?"


I sit and stare into the grin of Skinny the Foo.
     I just wanna have something to do!
Life goes on, I'm still an angry punker with a view,
     But an icon is now gone, and he's left me here with you.