Lyrics: "J-ded"

© 2000 by Andersen Silva

Yes, there's always a place for me,
     I'm a young man, and I'm angry!
Things are bad, and they're getting worse!
     Will you just sit there, and wait for the hearse?

My point of view isn't pointless.
     Just surviving is just mindless.
Time for change, don't close your eyes,
     See the rot your submission buys!

Ignorance is your bliss;
     Short-sighted fools, think about this:
If you don't care for the next generation
     They're not gonna volunteer to be your salvation!


Too many only looking out for number one!
     Too many people too quick with a gun!
Too many idiots inhabiting Earth,
     I mock you and your problems because, for what it's worth, I'm-


JADED! (Do me a big favor and just suicide...)
JADED! (Unless you're one of the few who is on life's side.)

Realize the human race is declining fast,
     Concern for one another is a thing of the past.
Unless you see that you are all one big family,
     Mankind will destroy itself eventually!

JADED! (Look at one another with unjaded eyes...)
JADED! (How can you ignore the poor unfortunate's cries?)
JADED! (Would you not want someone else to lend you a hand?)
JADED! (The sufferings of your brethren are as grains of sand...)
JADED! (Don't let yourself become-)
JADED! (Don't let yourself become-)