Lyrics: "I'll Live"

© 2006 by Andersen Silva

Havin' dinner on the river when she calmly said,
     "You know, your pal, that hunky Sal, blows you away in bed."
My jaw dropped open, I was hopin' she was teasing me,
     But no luck, the little sucker left unreasonably...

And you ask me how I'm doin'...
     The unfortunate truth is that I'll live.
Right now, it's me the universe is screwin',
     How much more do I have to give?

Went to work; the balding jerk that I call my boss
     Said to me, "Well, I see you're broken up because
Your girl left; you're bereft, but she was loose;
     Now she's with me," he said with glee, and gave me termination news.


Got out of there, I didn't care in which direction I went.
     My head was reeling, body feeling spent one hundred percent.
Into the street my aimless feet began to propel me;
     A police car threw me up hard; is that fair, tell me?


The doctors say that some day I'll likely walk again,
     But since that sucker left, my luck has made me a has-been.
I bought a gun, shut out the sun, and sat down in a chair;
     Looked at the trigger, then pulled it;
     The goddamned bullet
Took out my nose, an eye, and half of my hair!