Lyrics: "Hole in the Wall"

© 2001 by Andersen Silva

Love, ain't it grand?
     Like lying naked on warm night sand.

Makes you feel so hot, so alive,
     But those misguided fools never told you
     Love would drive you to the brink...

I thought I was so strong, behind my Wall,
     No one could touch me, or make me feel.
The world went by, I took in nothing at all;
     Should I have cared, was any of it real? (Does it matter?)

Live for myself, live for right now!
     But one day, I learned, to my surprise,
I could still be hurt, my guard was let down.
     I turned and faced you, and I was paralyzed.

Now I see, love is the hole in the Wall,
     Killing me, setting me up for a fall.
Can this be, can I be heeding love's call?
     Possibly, you just might be worth it all.

Lowered my defenses, let you inside,
     Love broke through the Wall I built around me.
I smiled, and I laughed, but later I cried;
     Now, through my tears, I finally see

Shutting out the pain, I shut out the love,
     Letting in the love, invited in pain.
You risk getting burned, but that is part of
     Feeling, and sharing, and so I say again,


And it hurts!
     (But it feels good...)
And it hurts!
     (But it feels good...)