Lyrics: "Heavywait"

© 2004 by Andersen Silva

It's Friday night, you're home, convinced that you're not waiting by the phone,
     Watching television until you hear her unique ringtone.
She's free and you dine out, happily not alone,
     You smile and clasp her hand, and your love for her you make well-known.

But is she worth the wait?
     Oh, man, you know it's true!
Can she be that great?
     She's so in love with you...
You want to see her now!
     You just don't know what to do.
It all works out somehow,
     Because your love is true.

You're walking unencumbered down the shady side of the street,
     You're thinking to yourself, "There's just one girl I want to meet."
Of course, you know she's out, as you grab yourself something to eat,
     But it won't be all that long 'til you see her again; ain't she sweet?


She's gone, far away, and you're waiting for her to come back.
     You try to keep yourself busy, but it's no use; you feel the lack.
You pick up your guitar and jam, but your mind is on just one track;
     And finally, she comes home, and you head over and help her unpack.