Poem: "Gasp..."

© 1992 by Andersen Silva

Desolate world, moody grey and hopeless,
     I sit, and sigh, and weep, and witness
The pain, and the anger, the sadness and despair.
     Why go on living? Why gasp at the air?

Aching existence, my heart is quite numb;
     From all of this misery what good can come?
Happiness, it would be so simply achieved.
     But my poignant longing will not be relieved.

Despite this, why not live? Why not spend one's days
     Searching for beauty that's found in sun's rays?
Life can be horrific, we all know it's true;
     But death's absolute, for me and for you.

Decisions, decisions; which way do I go?
     I'll give it some thought and my choice you will know...