Lyrics: "For Dana"

© 1999 by Andersen Silva

Woke up alone on Monday,
Feelin' your absence,
     Oh, babe, supposed to be here with me...

My whole world is moody grey,
Missin' your presence,
     Oh, Dana, Dana, why is it that you can't see?

We're meant to be,
     You and me,
I cried away,
     All yesterday...

And I'll never stop thinking of my perfect girl,
     Nothin' to ease my mind, I still see your curls!
Time stood still when we found ourselves kissing,
     I know you're the one, and you're the one I'll be missin'...

I know he was good to you once,
But, baby, that's all gone,
     Husband or not, he's not worthy of you...

I'm not the kind of man who hunts
For women, and I'm not trying to con you,
     But, Dana, I'd be good to you and I know that you'd be good to me too!

You've got to believe
     That you've got to leave,
His love isn't true,
     He doesn't care about you...


I can't change your mind
If you want to stay
     With the man who used to love you.

But please know that for you I've pined,
And I still hope that, maybe, someday
     You'll understand that our love will be so true.

I'll wait until forever.
     No one else; no, never!
You must return to me,
     So happy we would be...


I'm missin' you, Dana... forever.
     I'll wait for you, Bubbles... forever.
I'll see your eyes, Scully... forever.
     (whispered) I love you, kiddo... forever.