Lyrics: "Extreme Close-Up, Then Fade to Black"

© 2000 by Andersen Silva

You look at me,
     Don't really see,
Very deeply
     Inside of me...

Bring the lens in tight!
     Shoot it black and white...!
Scars in sharp relief,
     Am I beyond belief?

Come in now, for an extreme close-up.
     Accept, as I have, a universe so cold...
When it runs over, throw away my cup!
     Why in the world should I feel so old?

Don't know what I mean,
     You're part of the machine.
Don't know you're in a scene,
     ou think I'm bitter mean...

Now cut to camera two!
     I'm looking sadly at you...
Too sensitive, you call me;
     Wake up! and maybe you'll see...

Come in now, for an extreme close-up.
     If you don't FEEL, then you're not alive.
The wine has become vinegar in my cup.
     Sometimes I wonder how I've survived.

No, not quite there...
     Though I do despair.
You stop and stare,
     Don't know this world's not fucking fair!

So tired now, I could fade to black.
     None else regard emotions anyway.
In my heart, shattered crystal; in my soul, a crack,
     Is it so hard to hear the things that I would say?

Extreme close-up, then fade to black.
     Watching the credits, maybe you'll realize,
It wasn't my excess, it was your sore lack
     Of unrepressed feelings, like these tears in my eyes...

Dissolve me.