Lyrics: "Everything's Different Now"

© 2014 by Andersen Silva

I woke up in the morning and I opened up my eyes,
     Admitted that I couldn't tell what's truth and what is lies.
I harbor hate for no one, and I wish no one harm,
     But my world is now darker; everything has lost its charm.

Well, all right, that's not quite true, I guess I must confess;
     Ask me if I plan to live and I will tell you "Yes."
More stable than I was once; I think so, anyhow.
     But my life's not what it was, everything's different now.

I can laugh! I can smile.
     Havin' fun, just for a while.
But inside, this I vow;
     Everything's different now.

I remember being young, being so naïve,
     These days, I find less and less that I really believe.
Betrayal takes two, as once sang Richard Hell;
     I've been on both sides, know the damage all too well.

I'm not who I once was, nor who I'm yet to be,
     But I'm reasonably certain that I am in fact still me.
The world has changed; of that I'm sure, a bit bleaker somehow.
     At least to my cold blue eyes, everything's different now.


I woke up in the morning, and I let out a sigh,
     Stifled it quite quickly, and gave the day a try.
Managed to keep my angst down to a whispered scream;
     Finished off the day, and slept without a dream.

Experience has shaped me, and made me what I am;
     A man who wants to harm none, a hero on the lam.
This reality is not where I thought I'd be now.
     I'm telling you, dear listener, everything's different somehow.