Lyrics: "Down the Shore"

© 2005 by Andersen Silva

I'm goin' down the shore, yeah, I wanna get some sun,
     Wanna lay on the sand, and just have some fun!
Seaside and Point Pleasant are crowded, I know;
     The boardwalks are real nice, but that's not why I go...

Gotta pick a nice day, and head for the beach.
     At least in New Jersey, it's not out of reach!
A big beach towel, and of course sunblock;
     Summer mp3s, 'cos you know I like to rock...

Who knows what's in store?
     Let's go down the shore!

The Parkway is a zoo, because the weather's great,
     Look at all those cars stuck at exit 98!
Surf City, here we come, soon we'll reach LBI.
     The temperature's high, with not a cloud in the sky...

Hit the Wawa for some snacks, and a drink or two,
     Then we take the beach by storm, 'cos the sky is blue.
My Jersey girl by my side, next to her I'm lookin' pale;
     Her green eyes and the blue waves thrill this red-blooded male.

I couldn't love you more...
     Let's go down the shore!

I'm a Benny, I guess; doesn't matter to me.
     Right now, the Jersey shore's where I want to be.
She's lookin' real good, and I'm lookin' a bit pink;
     I smile at my baby, and she gives me a wink.

Havin' a great time, yeah, we're down the shore,
     Wish you were here with us down the Jersey shore.
Think we'll get some ice cream 'cos we're down the shore,
     Say it how you want, but we say "down the shore..."