Lyrics: "Dorable"

© 1995 by Andersen Silva

I called from work and checked the answering machine,
     But there was no message there from my sweet Doreen.
I thought back to the fair and how her face was green;
     No, that's not true, and if it were, it would be mean.

And I wonder why she hasn't called me;
     Did she get turned off by me?

A post on AOL is what caught my eye,
     A woman in despair of ever meeting the guy,
The one who wouldn't hurt her, wouldn't say goodbye,
     A man who'd die before he'd ever cause her to cry.

I felt her pain, so I sent her some E-mail;
     Wondrous thing, technology...

We've got so much in common, too good to be true;
     Philosophy and music and biographies, too.
Amazing we were so alike; hey, who knew?
     She made me chuckle when she called me "ultra-cool."

Gave me her number, and asked me to call her;
     Butterflies, but I took a chance...

Hit it off so well, so we set up a date;
     Fourth of July, it should've been great!
But after two rides, she didn't feel well,
     Ended it then, there's not much left to tell...

She E-mailed me again once a week had gone by,
     Said she wasn't ready yet to try a new guy.
And that's all there is to say; now you know why
     Nausea can spoil a date and fate, that's no lie.