Lyrics: "The Discontent of My Winter"

© 2014 by Andersen Silva

The discontent of my winter...
     You just don't know how I loved her.
She left me cold in the summer,
     What she did to my heart was murder.

The icy grip of December...
     I tried so hard to remember
Our warmer days without number,
     But instead, I sunk into slumber...

She hurt me so gods-damned much,
     I don't know if I will ever heal.
The magic and sunshine in her touch
     Is something I'll never again feel.

The snow and ice chilled my heart,
     I felt as though she'd torn me apart.
Her cold disdain for our warm past
     Made it clear that the die was cast.

Cold and alone for Valentine's,
     I looked back and searched for signs
Of my long-lost happiness.
     Now I just feel hapless.


The discontent of my winter
     Makes me shiver this time each year.
In my heart, an icy splinter
     Replaces the love that I held dear.