Lyrics: "Burning in the Sun"

© 2011 by Andersen Silva

I sit beside the pool,
     And let the tensions ease.
Feelin' like a fool
     'round girls who like to tease.

The water is inviting
     To skin that's hot and sore,
Instead, I sit here writing,
     Think of her, and you, and more...

I try to leave it all behind;
     In sand, it's so damn hard to run.
My future is not well-defined;
     My past is burning in the sun.

I think back to the trips
     We planned, but never took.
I think back to your lips,
     Stealing kisses like a crook.

The sweat upon my back,
     The glare in my blue eyes...
I'm pondering a snack
     As these lyrics I revise.

Memories crashing down like waves;
     Times of sorrow, and of fun.
Like badly marked and sandy graves,
     My past is burning in the sun.

Full moon,
     Lights up the beach.
My tune
     Is just out of reach.

I wake up with a start;
     Nostalgia fades away.
Peace within my heart,
     Though my shoulder burns today.

Face into the sun,
     Embracing all that's passed,
I think on all I've done.
     Wow, the time goes fast.

No longer want it left behind;
     From my past, I will not run.
For a moment, I am blind,
     And wonder at the brilliant sun.