Lyrics: "American in London"

© 2000 by Andersen Silva

(Mind the gap...)

I stopped in St. James's Park, a cloudy day, but warm,
     People fair and fowl passed me by.
The bloomin' flowers, the green green grass were beauteous,
     But nothing to the loveliness of your eyes.

March in London Town, historical and proud,
     Remembering deaths, yet full of life.
I could stay here but could I truly fit in?
     My weary heart and head are filled with strife.

I'm American,
     Like it or not- American,
     An American in London...
I'm American,
     Like it or not- American,
     An American in London.

Squeeze the people from the tube at Leicester Square,
     Virgin's there, HMV too.
Ride the Northern to Elephant and Castle if you dare,
     Or else just get off at Waterloo...


(Look right, look left!
Keep left, keep right!)

Joggers all around, Boots all over town,
     Churches are everywhere to see,
Just so many ways to spend so many days,
     But I wish that you could spend them here with me.

An elbow here, a careless mindless shove there,
     "Sorry, mate," and it's OK,
A vision of your green eyes and suddenly I smile,
     Love is love...