Lyrics: "A Blur"

© 2015 by Andersen Silva

He'd mourn and he'd seethe,
     Sometimes he'd forget to breathe!
Breathing's overrated anyway.

Smiled and he cried,
     And he eventually died,
But he didn't notice 'til the next day.

Sure, he had some regrets,
     Though they were too few to mention.
A host of unpaid debts,
     And so much for that pension.

He'd loved and he'd lost,
     Gotten hurt and he'd healed.
His heart covered in frost,
     His life he'd not yield.

Your eulogy can certainly use another verb;
     Better that your life be a blur than a blurb!

He'd lived almost enough,
     Taken his share of licks.
He had way too much stuff
     He couldn't bring 'cross the Styx.

Finally, at the end,
     With a shrug and a sigh,
He thought back on his life
     And he let himself die.